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WooStudy is a global Ed-Tech marketplace for building academic & social communities. The 300M global higher-ed student body is surging exponentially, looking to connect with the 'right' schools. WooStudy enables higher-ed to discover, engage and stay relevant with a global audience. Now, academia can automate acquisition and engagement with students in real-time by offering smart digital learning, enrollments, and online courses.

We are providing the following Services:

For Students:

WooStudy makes it easy for students around the globe to connect with their favorite institutes, we use the latest tools and technology to connect & match the student profiles to assist them in finding the right colleges and universities globally.

At WooStudy you just have to make a profile by following simple steps to connect instantly with institutions according to your standards and derive a successful career with following salient features

  • Broadcast yourself to 15K schools and get discovered!
  • Chat with multiple schools at once and get your answers, fees and other issues that matter to you!
  • Be part of an active community, get multiple offers from schools and grow with others like-minded students.

For Admissions:

WooStudy is the most innovative digital ed-tech marketplace with fully automated potential student's connection platform for schools to engage with students - to offer admissions and on-line courses in real-time.

WooStudy connects the prospective targeted students instantly with their matching institutes. We understand the value in growing your international student population, as well as the recruitment challenges you face, and go an extra mile to support you with our smart & innovative strategies.

Salient features of this service are;

  • 100% active and fully qualified student profiles
  • Proven process - First, get a precisely matched profile, then get the connection request accepted and engage/chat with the student right away - before incurring any fees.
  • In 3 clicks - create & automate your own virtual recruit bot - and drive active conversion 24x7 x thousands of students - without ever to deal with the manual process again (fully automated!)

For Marketing team:

It's a SaaS platform that enables reverse matchmaking including social media integration, automation rules for constant student engagement, and active community building at a fraction of cost. Instantly grow your audience with below mind blowing features;

  • Reach out to global audiences for your specific programs - via our auto blaster
  • Engage with actively wandering eyeballs - showing them your goodwill/marketing materials.
  • Drive inbound marketing traffic to your social and main sites - from inside our platform.

For Faculty:

Let us ensure that your hunting has that needed boost. With a One-click marketing campaign builder, you can connect instantly with detailed and actively qualified student profiles according to your criteria and derive successful campaigns. With inbound social media integration and multi-chat layers, you can drive and bring up social feel to monitor the activities of potential prospects. WooStudy automates (AI, big-data, intelligent-bots, etc.,) the whole process end-to-end, so no manual/man-power is ever needed. With this service you can;

  • Design and maintain your own 'online and offline' program on our platform, then directly get (see) leads on the programs level
  • Update your programs with videos/white papers - so the global audience can see it and subsequently engage with it.
  • Push your online programs to global audiences
  • Find synergies with other global schools.

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